Company profile

Young Chang cork products Co. Ltd. is the "Xixia County cork factory incorporated joint-stock enterprises, formerly known as" Shanghai Young Chang cork factory ", is made of cork manufacturing enterprise, has more than 50 years of history. The company is located in the beautiful environment of the dinosaur town - Xixia, located in the Funiu Mountains south of cork, rich in resources. Due to the special climatic conditions and geographical location, here is more suitable for the production of cork cork floor. With its production of cork floor in sound insulation, moisture-proof, good elasticity, abrasion resistant and corrosion resistant properties, is the ideal home decoration materials. The company has strong technical strength, advanced production technology, detection Detection means perfect, has established a perfect quality assurance system and information feedback system. The main production of cork and cork rubber two series of products, cork flooring, development and production of natural materials, to meet the requirements of environmental protection, green building materials products, fashion, fill the blank of domestic cork board; insulation cork brick production in the domestic industry first, the quality is "ours" title, is the Great Hall of the people, the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall and other key projects selection of building insulation materials, is excellent, rubber cork production in cork and rubber properties in one, is a good seal, earthquake resistance, insulation, wear-resistant materials. At the same time the production of cork paper, cork coaster, Pad, mouse pad, cork bulletin board, cork softball core, we can design and production according to the customer demand. The best-selling domestic products, exported to Southeast Asia, Japan, Russia, by domestic and foreign customers praise. The company regards customers as God, sincerity, quality of life. The company chairman and general manager comrade Wang Minghong warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to negotiate business and technical cooperation.

Brand concept

Young Chang's brand philosophy is: more, for, you/, a little more exciting, user centric, through quality products and services, so that users of life more exciting!

Young Chang adhere to the "altruistic" culture, be of value to the users and society, with the long-term interests of things. In the product development process, keep an open mind, inviting users to participate in product design and development, realize product life for users, and innovation for the user.

Young Chang team

The Young Chang group is a group with a global vision of the new era of talent team. Team members mainly by products, research and development, design, marketing, service personnel, both research and development, from traditional manufacturing manufacturing elite, but also from the Internet and cross-border trade marketing service personnel. Open, enthusiastic, enterprising, people pay attention to Young Chang products and with an open mind to new technology, new trends in the study of investment in product research and development team, investment in talent.

Product innovation

The design of Young Chang products to the user as the center, around the actual needs of users. With the help of Internet product design tools, Young Chang build efficient products and service feedback mechanism. Through electricity supplier channels, from the media, the community, allowing users to participate in product development, to listen to the user's voice, really create value for customers.

The design principle of Young Chang products is simple, easy to use, pay attention to the user experience, give full consideration to the user usage scenarios. In the series of products launched by Young Chang, adhere to the principle of design, abandon or pompous or rough, make the product more concise and easy to use.