Young Chang cork introduction

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Cork is a very environmentally friendly and healthy green products, he used abroad very much, but in the country has been lacking. But with the development of the Pinghu XinDa cork factory has gradually to the entire market. China cork

Cork is now the biggest problem is that many domestic consumers do not understand, the following to give you a detailed description of cork


Cork, cork name. Strictly speaking, but not the cork wood, cork or cork oak bark, cork or Quercus commonly known as oak, is a kind of special species, about 25 years old, then, about every 10 years can be stripping a collection of oak bark, not only no death, you can also grow new bark. Young Chang is the bark of cork cork factory is further processed, because of its soft texture and elastic solid, commonly known as cork. Is what we now call the natural cork.

The cork resources are mainly distributed in China's Qinling Mountains and the Mediterranean, Young Chang cork, mainly by Qinling Mountains, Henan, Xixia, cork support. Quercus variabilis is mainly distributed in China's Qinling Mountains region, especially South Qinling Mountains growth intensive, large storage capacity, good quality, is the main producing areas of China cork.

Young Chang cork has strong technical strength, advanced production technology, perfect detection means, has established a perfect quality assurance system and information feedback system. The main production of cork and cork rubber two series of products, cork flooring, development and production of natural materials, to meet the requirements of environmental protection, green building materials products, fashion, fill the blank of domestic cork flooring insulation; cork brick production in the first domestic industry, the quality of "ours" title, is the Great Hall of the people, the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall and other key projects selection of building insulation materials, is excellent, rubber cork production in cork and rubber properties in one, is a good seal, earthquake resistance, insulation At the same time. The production of wear-resistant materials, cork paper, cork mat, pot mat, mouse pad, cork bulletin board, cork softball core, we can design and production according to the customer demand. The best-selling domestic products, exported to Southeast Asia, Japan, Russia, by domestic and foreign customers praise.