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  • Congratulations on our new revised bilingual website for English and Chinese 06-172017 Congratulations on our new revised bilingual website for English and Chinese

    Xixia Young Chang cork products Co., warmly celebrate the website launched successfully, Xixia Young Chang cork products Co. Ltd. the new site after repeated deliberation, the careful design, to better serve the customers at home and abroad, implement bil

  • Young Chang cork introduction 06-172017 Young Chang cork introduction

    Cork is a very environmentally friendly and healthy green products, he used abroad very much, but in the country has been lacking. But with the development of the Pinghu XinDa cork factory has gradually to the entire market. China cork Cork is now the biggest problem is that many domestic consumers do not understand, the following to give you a detailed description of cork Cork, cork name. Strictly speaking, but not the cork wood, cork or cork oak bark, cork or Quercus commonly known as oak, is a kind of special species, about 25 years old, then, about every 10 years can be stripping a collection of oak bark, not only no death, you can also grow new bark. Young Chang is the bark of cork cork factory is further processed, because of its soft texture and elastic solid, commonly known as cork. Is what we now call the natural cork. The cork resources are mainly distributed in Chinas Qinling Mountains and the Mediterranean, Young Chang cork, mainly by Qinling Mountains, Henan, Xixia, cork support. Quercus variabilis is mainly distributed in Chinas Qinling Mountains region, especially South Qinling Mountains growth intensive, large storage capacity, good quality, is the main producing areas of China cork. Young Chang cork has strong technical strength, advanced production technology, perfect detection means, has established a perfect quality assurance system and information feedback system. The main production of cork and cork rubber two series of products, cork flooring, development and production of natural materials, to meet the requirements of environmental protection, green building materials products, fashion, fill the blank of domestic cork flooring insulation; cork brick production in the first domestic industry, the quality of ours title, is the Great Hall of the people, the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall and other key projects selection of building insulation materials, is excellent, rubber cork production in cork and rubber properties in one, is a good seal, earthq

  • Decorative new fashion -- cork wallboard 06-172017 Decorative new fashion -- cork wallboard

    Cork wall covering all the needs of decoration, tooling styles on the market. Cork is a natural material, beneficial to human health. Because derived from the bark of the trees will continue to grow, in after harvest, the new bark will not have any damage, from the natural and not destroy the natural environment. The family: TV background wall background sofa, bedside background, theme wall, common wall, bedroom, study, childrens room. Places of business: Hotel, hotel, office, apartment, bathing center. Leisure Center: bar, KTV, beauty salons, restaurants, cinemas, audio-visual room, hall, conference room, restaurant, exhibition. Booth decoration, high-grade Counter, enterprise image wall, etc.

  • Maintenance method for cork wallboard 06-172017 Maintenance method for cork wallboard

    Cork wallboard which has sound absorption, insulation, noise, vibration and other functions. Do not fade, simple style, original standard; tone are solemn, home commercial can be processed to give you comfort, pleasure; aesthetic fashion colors, soft colors, clear mechanism and comfortable, suitable for all kinds of room environment; relief the effect mechanism of thick atmosphere, clear comfort, uniform color, Home Furnishing commercial is available. The following and fitting together the network Xiaobian to see cork wall function and cork wall maintenance method. Decorative function: cork wallboard has the original oak bark color, color mosaic, touch and other relief styles and colors, so to create a visual feast is completely different from the painting, printmaking, sculpture painting, he always give us imagination, can let your living space with the vast, quiet, broad, simple, simple. Whether you are modern or elegant, modern or traditional, you will be attracted by the charm of cork wallboard. Scope: sound-absorbing function cork wall sound absorption and noise reduction of about 30~50 dB, widely applicable to various needs of sound absorption, noise reduction, can create a quiet and comfortable environment, and also after 4mm cork wall does not occupy the indoor space. Thermal insulation, anti-static function: cork wallboard of this function, very good care of household appliances, effective energy saving, extend the service life of household appliances, reduce static electricity to bring harm to the family Maintenance method for cork wallboard 1, with a vacuum cleaner, a sub, semi dry cloth can be. 2, if the waxed wallboard, can wipe clean with a damp cloth. 3, local stains can be wiped with an eraser, cut can not be used to eradicate the sharp weapon.

  • How to maintain cork flooring is very simple 06-172017 How to maintain cork flooring is very simple

    After the cork flooring is finished, within 24 hours as much as possible to reduce walking on the floor, remember to close the window, so as not to rain on the floor erosion, 24 hours after the furniture can be placed on the floor Cork floor compared with other floor more simple, should avoid sand into the interior, because the sand will produce wear of cork floor surface, can pave the mat at the door, so that you can reduce the sand into the interior of the probability, remember to remove into the sand. Cork floor is also afraid of heat damage, avoid higher temperature items on the floor, but also to prevent direct sunlight to the floor Cork floor cleaning, polishing or not rinse with scouring powder cleaning. Usually use dry cloth or mop the floor surface dirt, difficult to clean can use special cleaner. Cork floor half hit wax on it. How to maintain the cork floor, in addition to attention to the above content, but also pay attention to not directly on the cork floor surface impact, furniture to lift rather than drag, so it will damage the floor surface

  • The purpose of cork coil 06-172017 The purpose of cork coil

    This structure allows the cork has good flexibility, sealing, heat insulation, sound insulation, electrical insulation and frictional resistance, and non-toxic, tasteless, the proportion of small, soft and not easy to fire and other advantages, is still not man-made products worthy rival. In the aspect of chemical properties, from a mixture of esters several hydroxy fatty acids and phenolic acids formed is characteristic of group cork, cork referred to as fat. This kind of cork material decay, chemical corrosion resistance, so in addition to concentrated nitric acid, sulfuric acid, chlorine, iodine and other effects of corrosion on the outside, water, oil, gasoline, organic acids, salts and esters are not chemical reaction. It is of extensive use, such as cork, freezing equipment insulation, buoy the insulation board, and so on.

  • Sum up two misunderstandings, with you recognize the cork floor performance 06-172017 Sum up two misunderstandings, with you recognize the cork floor performance

    Because the natural cork has good flexibility, sealing, heat insulation, sound insulation, electrical insulation and wear resistance and other physical properties, nowadays, there are many families and public places have chosen the cork floor on the ground decoration material. However, the current market awareness of cork floor is still very fuzzy, for many people still in the cork floor is not clear, do not understand, and even some sales of cork flooring businesses and some flooring industry, there are still confusion situation in the relevant statements of cork floor. Today, we might as well combine cork flooring industry standard LY/T1657-2006 to analyze cork flooring, to answer the usual situation, people on the cork floor understanding of several major mistakes Myth 1: cork floors, cork floors, and cork floors are classified on cork floors Cork flooring industry kind of floor is a general term, including cork floors and cork flooring, this division is carried out in accordance with the time sequence of cork class floor appeared. Cork floor refers to the current market paste type cork floor, as seen in the market in the thickness of 4mm, 6mm, 7mm, composite cork flooring carrier without any of the pure cork. The definition of industry standard of cork floor both paste type cork floor is: Quercus or similar tree bark by processing and applying adhesive made of floor blocks, and then use the adhesive paste on the cement floor or wood floors, floor surface floor. We see in the market of the lock type cork floor is the standard which distinguish the cork composite floor, the standard definition of it is increasing in the cork flooring substrate base and balance between the bottom of cork floor board, fiber board provided with openings, assembled directly on the cement floor, wooden floor or floor keel the surface of the substrate. In the future in order to enable consumers to directly find out what types of cork flooring, we can classify the cork flooring and cork

  • Winter cork floor maintenance knowledge four points to pay attention to 06-172017 Winter cork floor maintenance knowledge four points to pay attention to

    Cork flooring in terms of maintenance work in general and solid wood flooring is similar, even more convenient. But we need to note that the cork floor not only needs to maintain, their good habits is more important. The first step: cork flooring maintenance four points must be kept in mind Cork floor felt like a wine bottle, in fact is not delicate. Cork floor maintenance work compared to the solid wood floor is easy to do maintenance work mainly in the following four points. Regular maintenance: the same as solid wood flooring, for the surface brush painted cork floor, generally half a year to hit the floor wax can be. The surface of the resin wear-resistant layer of cork flooring, with the composite floor of the same simple care Small repair: cork floor after a period of time if a elsewhere is worn, can use local remedy methods. In the wear polished with sandpaper lightly on the surface, remove dirt, and then with a dry soft cloth gently wipe clean, re coating coating, or paste polyester film in local place cover. Clean maintenance: use a mop to clean the floor, twist mop dry and then use better, too wet mops, in the use of water will penetrate the joint damage caused by deformation of floor, tilt the floor, especially wood flooring, plastic flooring, cork floor tiles. Daily protection: at the same time should try to avoid the sun for a long time direct floor, lest the film by ultraviolet irradiation after long-term strong, premature cracking and aging. The second step: to develop a good habit to make use of cork floor Cork in addition to the need for maintenance, its good habits are more important. Good habits, can effectively prolong the service life of cork flooring, and make cork floor used for a long time Put a piece of advice: surface protection against the Ottomans at the door, in order to reduce the sand was brought into the room. If a large amount of sand into the interior, with the pace of the flow of gravel floors. If it is found that the friction into

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