Winter cork floor maintenance knowledge four points to pay attention to

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Cork flooring in terms of maintenance work in general and solid wood flooring is similar, even more convenient. But we need to note that the cork floor not only needs to maintain, their good habits is more important.


The first step: cork flooring maintenance four points must be kept in mind

Cork floor felt like a wine bottle, in fact is not delicate. Cork floor maintenance work compared to the solid wood floor is easy to do maintenance work mainly in the following four points.

Regular maintenance: the same as solid wood flooring, for the surface brush painted cork floor, generally half a year to hit the floor wax can be. The surface of the resin wear-resistant layer of cork flooring, with the composite floor of the same simple care

Small repair: cork floor after a period of time if a elsewhere is worn, can use local remedy methods. In the wear polished with sandpaper lightly on the surface, remove dirt, and then with a dry soft cloth gently wipe clean, re coating coating, or paste polyester film in local place cover.

Clean maintenance: use a mop to clean the floor, twist mop dry and then use better, too wet mops, in the use of water will penetrate the joint damage caused by deformation of floor, tilt the floor, especially wood flooring, plastic flooring, cork floor tiles.

Daily protection: at the same time should try to avoid the sun for a long time direct floor, lest the film by ultraviolet irradiation after long-term strong, premature cracking and aging.

The second step: to develop a good habit to make use of cork floor

Cork in addition to the need for maintenance, its good habits are more important. Good habits, can effectively prolong the service life of cork flooring, and make cork floor used for a long time

Put a piece of advice: surface protection against the Ottomans at the door, in order to reduce the sand was brought into the room. If a large amount of sand into the interior, with the pace of the flow of gravel floors. If it is found that the friction into too many dirty sand, should be promptly removed.

Temperature control: avoid the higher temperature items directly on the floor, the transition may heat the surface film, even if there is no obvious "hot" phenomenon, for a long time, this will greatly reduce the service life of cork flooring

To avoid injury: Although cork flooring has certain bearing capacity, but in the bottom bearing small area of furniture, floor mats should be added in order to reduce the damage caused by the floor, cork floor prevent local compression heavy deformation.

Daily use: 24 hours after the installation of the floor, you can put furniture on the floor, within 24 hours as far as possible to minimize the walking on the staff. If you want to move furniture, it is recommended to use the way to raise and handle, so as not to scratch the floor

The third step: to prevent cracking and deformation of floor in winter maintenance

The arrival of winter, not only to people's work, study, life impact, but also on our living room cork floor small impact, below let us together to understand how to prevent the winter floor cracking and deformation problems

Anti cracking: the winter environment is too dry, and easily lead to the gap between the wood floor to expand, so the seam phenomenon. Therefore, prevention of the phenomenon need to maintain good indoor ventilation, maintain indoor humidity.

Scratch: if the product when the paint brushing uneven, dry winter weather will make the table paint is more likely to be artificially damaged. In addition to the selection to ensure the credibility of the products, we should also try to avoid hard objects to scratch the floor.

Guard against damp wood floor: any long-term water, moisture are easily squeezed by expansion crack. Therefore avoid cork floor flooded, it is not recommended to use wet mop to wipe the floor.

Specification: pavement paving the floor pavement should be strictly in accordance with the specification, such as connected with the floor area of the bathroom, balcony and other waterproof measures position is qualified. After cork flooring furniture may not immediately move into the home.