How to maintain cork flooring is very simple

day:2017-06-17 author:Yingchang Cork click:

After the cork flooring is finished, within 24 hours as much as possible to reduce walking on the floor, remember to close the window, so as not to rain on the floor erosion, 24 hours after the furniture can be placed on the floor

Cork floor compared with other floor more simple, should avoid sand into the interior, because the sand will produce wear of cork floor surface, can pave the mat at the door, so that you can reduce the sand into the interior of the probability, remember to remove into the sand.


Cork floor is also afraid of heat damage, avoid higher temperature items on the floor, but also to prevent direct sunlight to the floor

Cork floor cleaning, polishing or not rinse with scouring powder cleaning. Usually use dry cloth or mop the floor surface dirt, difficult to clean can use special cleaner. Cork floor half hit wax on it.

How to maintain the cork floor, in addition to attention to the above content, but also pay attention to not directly on the cork floor surface impact, furniture to lift rather than drag, so it will damage the floor surface