• Maintenance method for cork wallboard

    Cork wallboard which has sound absorption, insulation, noise, vibration and other functions. Do not fade, simple style, original standard; tone are solemn, home commercial can be processed to give you comfort, pleasure; aesthetic fashion colors, soft colors, clear mechanism and comfortable, suitable for all kinds of room environment; relief the effect mechanism of thick atmosphere, clear comfort, uniform color, Home Furnishing commercial is available. The following and fitting together the network Xiaobian to see cork wall function and cork wall maintenance method. Decorative function: cork wal

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  • How to maintain cork flooring is very simple

    After the cork flooring is finished, within 24 hours as much as possible to reduce walking on the floor, remember to close the window, so as not to rain on the floor erosion, 24 hours after the furniture can be placed on the floor Cork floor compared with other floor more simple, should avoid sand into the interior, because the sand will produce wear of cork floor surface, can pave the mat at the door, so that you can reduce the sand into the interior of the probability, remember to remove into the sand. Cork floor is also afraid of heat damage, avoid higher temperature items on the floor, but

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  • Winter cork floor maintenance knowledge four points to pay attention to

    Cork flooring in terms of maintenance work in general and solid wood flooring is similar, even more convenient. But we need to note that the cork floor not only needs to maintain, their good habits is more important. The first step: cork flooring maintenance four points must be kept in mind Cork floor felt like a wine bottle, in fact is not delicate. Cork floor maintenance work compared to the solid wood floor is easy to do maintenance work mainly in the following four points. Regular maintenance: the same as solid wood flooring, for the surface brush painted cork floor, generally half a year t

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