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    Xixia Young Chang cork products Co., warmly celebrate the website launched successfully, Xixia Young Chang cork products Co. Ltd. the new site after repeated deliberation, the careful design, to better serve the customers at home and abroad, implement bil

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  • Young Chang cork introduction

    Cork is a very environmentally friendly and healthy green products, he used abroad very much, but in the country has been lacking. But with the development of the Pinghu XinDa cork factory has gradually to the entire market. China cork Cork is now the biggest problem is that many domestic consumers do not understand, the following to give you a detailed description of cork Cork, cork name. Strictly speaking, but not the cork wood, cork or cork oak bark, cork or Quercus commonly known as oak, is a kind of special species, about 25 years old, then, about every 10 years can be stripping a collecti

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