Maintenance method for cork wallboard

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Cork wallboard which has sound absorption, insulation, noise, vibration and other functions. Do not fade, simple style, original standard; tone are solemn, home commercial can be processed to give you comfort, pleasure; aesthetic fashion colors, soft colors, clear mechanism and comfortable, suitable for all kinds of room environment; relief the effect mechanism of thick atmosphere, clear comfort, uniform color, Home Furnishing commercial is available. The following and fitting together the network Xiaobian to see cork wall function and cork wall maintenance method.


Decorative function: cork wallboard has the original oak bark color, color mosaic, touch and other relief styles and colors, so to create a visual feast is completely different from the painting, printmaking, sculpture painting, he always give us imagination, can let your living space with the vast, quiet, broad, simple, simple. Whether you are modern or elegant, modern or traditional, you will be attracted by the charm of cork wallboard.

Scope: sound-absorbing function cork wall sound absorption and noise reduction of about 30~50 dB, widely applicable to various needs of sound absorption, noise reduction, can create a quiet and comfortable environment, and also after 4mm cork wall does not occupy the indoor space.

Thermal insulation, anti-static function: cork wallboard of this function, very good care of household appliances, effective energy saving, extend the service life of household appliances, reduce static electricity to bring harm to the family

Maintenance method for cork wallboard

1, with a vacuum cleaner, a sub, semi dry cloth can be.

2, if the waxed wallboard, can wipe clean with a damp cloth.

3, local stains can be wiped with an eraser, cut can not be used to eradicate the sharp weapon.